Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day


This might sound totally crazy but I have found my favorite smell in the entire world (sorry, move over scent of drying clothes and fresh cut grass) in… SOAP! How crazy is that? I never thought doing dishes at a house while babysitting would actually be so life-changing in the products I buy for myself.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day makes household cleaners and laundry products that smell incredible and make cleaning and chores actually enjoyable. The Basil scent has become my everything. I have Basil Hand Soap sitting at every sink in my home, doing dishes has become pleasant with the Basil Dish Soap, the Basil Laundry Detergent and Scent Boosters make my clothing (and especially bedding) smell so fresh and clean, and I am constantly trying to find more surfaces I can wipe down with the Basil Everyday Cleaner.

The other day, while browsing the shelves for a new body soap, my jaw DROPPED when I saw that Mrs. Meyer’s was now making a Basil Body Wash! This sounds so insignificant and absurd to be so happy over, but I actually just got out of the shower before writing this and getting to immerse myself in bubbles and my favorite scent, oh my, I did not want to get out!


This company has products that I can trust to WORK and smell INCREDIBLE! I absolutely adore the basil but the seasonal ones are some of my other go-tos as well. As soon as summer rolls around, and the Lilac scent is released, I stock up for my kitchen and send a box of Lilac scented Mrs. Meyer’s goodies back home to my mom and sister. That one is their absolute favorite scent and the limited time it is available is so exciting that they buy so many to last even longer than summer. With the holidays rolling around, I am excited to also order the Pine (as, growing up in New Hampshire, tree-scented things remind me of home) and other fun, seasonal scents.

These products might be slightly higher priced than the cleaning products you already use, but they will make cleaning FUN and something to look forward to. That, to me, is worth every extra cent. Household chores have gone from something I dread to something I really do not mind doing, especially when I am using my favorite scent.

Shoutout to Mrs. Meyer’s for creating such a game changing group of products. I sincerely hope you are in business for the rest of my life and continue to grow and be successful because I can guarantee that I will be purchasing your products for all of the years to come!

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