Litter for Six

One of the biggest compliments you can receive as a pet parent is when someone walks into your home and says “wow, it doesn’t even smell like any animals live here!” With six kitties, we have finally found a litter system that works to keep a clean smelling home:

I cannot say enough good things about the Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System by Purina. First introduced to it when I was housesitting, I was in awe of how easy this made the whole concept of litter. I was so used to litter always being strewn all over outside the litter box, making clumpy, stinky messes, and having litter dust flying throughout the air. Litter had always been a nightmare. This system was a game changer! I immediately ordered a set to try in our household to see how my crew would take to it.

This system comes in a few different styles. There is the regular unhooded, the regular with the hood, and the Breeze XL options. I have had all three types and am a fan of all three types so you can’t go wrong – it just may depend on what your cat prefers. The set up is SUPER simple, you just place the pieces together and then add a pee pad into the pull-out drawer section and put pellets on top. I keep a set of dog-poo bags next to my litter and use those to scoop poo off the top whenever I see it and have a litter genie I picked up from the local thrift store that I pop the tied bags into (and then just take that out to the trash as need be). Aside from that, you just change out the pee pads when they’re full (every few days but it will depend on how many cats are using the system and how much your cats pee), and every few weeks to maybe once a month dump out the remaining pellets and wash out the container just so no bacteria grows and risks the health of your cat. It is SO easy even just typing this paragraph took me longer than cleaning all of my litter boxes would!

Transitioning your cat over to pellets however is something you should keep an eye on. If ingested, they could cause a blockage in your cats system. It’s super important that they learn that the pellets are for potty and not a toy. Initially, my crew thought the pellets were little hockey pucks and were trying to play with them so I had to figure out how to best transition so they would learn. This ended up being a little bit messy of a process for a few days but was definitely worth it. I mixed in their clumping litter with some of the pellets and transitioned the amounts over as one would if they were switching over their pets food brand. Within a week my crew had learned that the pellets were meant for going potty and had become completely comfortable with using the Breeze System.

It may look as though it is pricier off the bat but we always wait for the sales that the large pet supply stores (Petco, Petsmart, Chewy, etc.) offer throughout the year where it’s terms such as “spend $100 and save $25.” Then, we stock up. Our linen closet now has an entire section dedicated to the pee pads and bags of pellets. Personally, with six cats in our home, we prefer the multi-cat pads as they seem to last us a bit longer. How much LESS trash we are creating by not using clumping litter anymore and how easy these litter-items are to store make any price difference worthwhile in our book. I personally believe, though I haven’t done the exact math, I’m actually saving money in the long run not only by stocking up when on sale but by having to order significantly less supplies (I feel like I was ordering bags of clumping litter constantly because so much would get tossed each time I cleaned out the litter hoping for a cleaner smell) but also by how much time I save because of the EASE of this system.

It’s important to add that another significant reason we LOVE the Breeze System is because it makes it super easy to monitor my kitties’ health. Toffee has previously been diagnosed with Idiopathic Cystitis, a urinary tract disease in which her pee was discolored and bloody. By having this type of litter system, I was able to IMMEDIATELY catch that something was wrong by noticing a darker discoloration occurring on the pee pad. I don’t even know if this would have been noticeable had I still been using clay litter for them. Not only was I able to notice something was wrong right off the bat and then able to send images over and make an appointment with my veterinarian, it made it extremely easy to monitor the coloring as she went through her medication and recovery. I truly cannot sing enough praises to Tidy Cat for this and am forever grateful that, without this simple switch of litter types, her health could have taken a drastic, painful turn.

Toffee says THANK YOU Tidy Cats!

**These posts are all based on our own opinion and what works best for us. I may earn from any affiliate links, however I only recommend products that we honestly use and recommend trying. Please always consult your veterinarian and do ample research to ensure that the tips or products mentioned may work for your cats and lifestyle as well. Please reach out to us on Instagram @twintorties with any questions.

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