One word to describe Bali: Magical.

A place so full of color and culture. Wake up to birds chirping and smell incense from the morning offerings, placed along with bright flowers and crackers. Watch out for the crazy monkeys running around the streets and in the Sacred Monkey Forest. Try Luwag coffee, predigested by a wild cat. Sit on a porch and watch the evening thunderstorms pour down. Ubud, Bali is a place unlike any other I have ever been to. It is a true oasis.

Though there are lots of tourists to the area, it does not feel “touristy.” The people are all very friendly and helpful, and everywhere you turn someone is offering you a taxi – “no thanks. No, not tomorrow either.” (One time, after saying no thank you for a taxi, the guy instead asked for a hug. It was cute!) We stayed in a quaint cottage at a resort called Lumbung Sari in the center of Ubud, close to the Sacred Monkey Forest. Some of the staff brought me a cake and sang to me for my birthday (my mom had prearranged this, but how cool is it that people of Bali celebrated me turning 24 with me!) There are so many temples with Balinese dancing shows and great markets to bring home some trinkets for loved ones. I even walked to The Yoga Barn in Ubud for the most fantastic yoga class, made up of people from all over the world, full of inversions and surrounded by nature.

My Don’t Miss Moment: Sari Organic. A small, cash only restaurant nestled high up in the rice paddies. Ask the locals for directions to get to this hidden gem and wear good walking shoes for the 20 minute trek. Don’t forget your camera, walking through the rice paddies is a picturesque and breathtaking experience. All of the food at this restaurant is local and organic and absolutely DELICIOUS. You can even go down to the fields and pick the exact veggies that go into your meal. I had the most incredible vegetable pizza I have ever eaten and the cutest baby coconut to drink.

Word to the wise however: Full body massages genuinely mean FULL body. Though they don’t get too personal not much is left untouched. For a whopping $12 an hour massage we couldn’t resist and we came out a little shocked!

Colorful Bali


Our Cottage at Lumbung Sari

DSC02336 DSC02340 DSC02338DSC02343DSC02565 DSC02571

Sari Organic

DSC02644 DSC02703 DSC02702 DSC02681 DSC02651 DSC02645

Sacred Monkey Forest

DSC02350 DSC02493 DSC02484 DSC02476 DSC02356


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