Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do – Why A Vision BOOK Works

Earlier this week we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr day and one of our greatest takeaways from that man is the ever important lesson that dreams don’t work unless you do. 

With the new year I realized I was taking life one day at a time, not focusing on working in a certain direction just merely hoping that what would be would be and life would figure it out and my happiness and goals would fall into place. What were these goals and this life plan? They were generic – have a good job, own a house, have a good relationship, start a family – but what did these truly look like? As the new year rolled in my intuition was pushing me to follow the vision board trend and lay some of these personal goals out, hoping to discover more about what my ideal life looked like.

Living in a studio apartment with limited wall space I did not want to create a poster that would look out of place with the rest of my decor or get shoved in the back of my closet so instead, a vision BOOK was created. This book encompasses different pages for different topics of goals I have in life.

The book starts with an introductory page – with questions and quotes about chasing dreams and what’s holding me back, followed by a spread of words and traits that I both already am and I aspire to be.

Following this is the biggest personal goal that I have; Coast + Cove, my shop, which one of the things I hope to focus most on this year.

 A very important portion on self care because if 2018 taught me anything it’s that I most definitely cannot pour from an empty cup. I’m currently in the midst of the Fred and Far Self Love Challenge and will be adding it once completed in the pages following this section. Another great reason to use a book – constant additions. Stay tuned!

Pages for volunteering and giving to others.

There’s a section for health and eating clean, a section for things I want to learn, a section for adventures to take outside and around the world.

This page turned out to be my favorite. It’s a future family section. I’ve always wanted to foster and adopt as well as have biological children and seeing it all laid out like this really makes my heart skip a beat.


This book is displayed on my coffee table, in the center of my home, next to the coziest smelling Golden Chestnut Lafco candle. I don’t think it will ever be done, as my dreams continue to grow or I find more images to add, but already this book has given me so much more clarity than I had anticipated it would. In this month since making it I have already tried rock climbing, signed up for a baking class, gone back to my sign language classes, and picked out four new fabrics to turn into Coast + Cove blankets and begun sewing them. Laying out the jumbled mess in your brain into real, clear visions can be wildly impactful. Once you see what it is you want, there’s nothing holding you back. Creating your vision board or vision book is the first step in laying out your dreams and taking the steps to make those dreams come true.

It sounds so cliche, “lay out your visions and they’ll come true” but honestly the clarity that has come from writing these goals down and laying them out has propelled into me taking some very serious life changes into consideration.

If you’re just hanging around this weekend, get together with some friends or make some tea and curl up with your furry family members, grab some old magazines and mailings and start flipping through the pages or head over to your Pinterest board and print your favorite images. If a book doesn’t strike your fancy, here’s a post about three different types of vision boards you can create. Who knows what you will discover about yourself?



At Michael’s Craft Store the Artist’s Loft blank crafting books were only $5! A good sign to give this a try!

With the Micheal’s coupon you’ll save an extra 40-50% 😉

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