Los Angeles: Goat Yoga

I’ve been so antsy to try Goat Yoga for months now, since it started popping up on my social media everywhere. Funny enough, it seemed that I was going to have to go back to New Hampshire (where I’m from) to take a class in it! Living in Los Angeles there is so much opportunity everywhere, but I was not expecting to find many goats here. You can bet how surprised I was when my friend Courtney said she was hosting an upcoming Goat Yoga class for a fitness group she is in and asked if I wanted to join. Was that even a question? Of COURSE I was in! Goat YogaSunday morning we drove up to Thousand Oaks to Lavenderwood Farm. It was so peaceful in this neighborhood, it felt like we had totally left city life. This pretty little house was sitting on this calm little road and all of these goats and dogs were outside. We were so excited! The people who own Lavender Wood Farms greeted us and let us in, introducing us to the goats and explaining how they are part of the 4H club.



Goat Yoga
This is Kevin the goat. She is a little girl but Kevin Hart was recently visiting this farm and fell in love with her, requesting she be named after him. Oh Los Angeles, you never cease to amaze.

We were told that if the goats came onto our mats during practice to just pick up their rear ends and turn them off the mat – their faces were fine to stay on the front but if we didn’t want our mat to get too “messy” we might want to move that end off.

The class was hilarious – not too zen because goats kept unlocking the gate and escaping or climbing on people as they did certain poses. The goats definitely calmed down during the practice, like they were feeding off our energy, but nevertheless they were fun to be around. I haven’t laughed so hard in quite a long time.

The instructor told us that during this upcoming work week, when the world feels stressful, to try to remember the simple humor that was a goat climbing on a yogi. Every time I think back on it I smile and giggle a bit – so I guess she was right. Doing such a humorous activity has definitely made this work week less stressful.

She ended the class with “baaaah-maste” instead of “namaste” to stick with the theme. Then we had more time to play with the goats! They were so funny and cute and loved to be pet.


Courtney (the event planner she is) had packed some wine for everyone and Lavenderwood Farms provided us with some of their homemade goat cheese. It was such a fun way to end the afternoon.


I would highly recommend Goat Yoga. You might not get the most “zen”yoga practice but you’ll have a great time and laugh until your eyes water. Check out the video below for a time-lapse of our class.


For more information contact:

Lavenderwood Farm

805 – 428 – 2684


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