Los Olivos, CA: Michael Jackson’s Neverland Estate

Happy Halloween All! I hope today is spooky, batty and 100% candy-filled for all of you.

Thriller Performance 2017

My mom is here visiting and whenever she is here we love to take weekend trips away from LA. This past weekend we went up to Santa Barbara County and spent the weekend exploring Santa Barbara, Los Olivos and Solvang. More to come on all of those later but the COOLEST part – staying in theme with this holiday – is while we were out visiting Los Olivos we decided to drive by and see the nearby Neverland Estate which belonged to the late Michael Jackson.


Initially, we drove right past it as it is pretty discreet but on the way back stopped when we saw a few other cars parked and got out to check it out. It was really sweet and peaceful, there were many memorials there and people coming just to see and offer prayers for him.


A woman came up to us and asked if we were there for the event. “What event?” we questioned, as we just assumed to drive past and see. Just so happened that we were there an hour before the annual performance of Thriller at the gates of Neverland! How cool right?!

Arrival of the zombies!

So of course we stayed, playing fetch with the gate-guard dog named Jack (coincidental or not) while we waited to see what was about to happen.

Fetch with Jack

As the time passed, more and more zombies showed up and at 4pm the event started!


At the bottom of this article is the video of the two songs they performed (Thriller is the second one) and you’ll notice that during the performance of Thriller the gates were opened. I overheard a man next to me emotionally telling the news crew that they rarely ever open the gates but they do during the performance of Thriller so that the spirit of the song can enter the gates and close it right before the song ends to keep it the spirit there.

The opening of the Neverland gates

Whether that is the true purpose of opening the gates I have no idea but it was a really cool event to see! Check it out below:

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