What I Love About Sundays: Mental Refresh – 5 Tips

Sundays are my day of the week to sleep in a bit, focus on mental health and making sure I feel my best before the week ahead. Often times, this includes getting up early and going to a flea market if there is one locally (but these are usually the third and fourth Sunday’s of the month), as I really adore these. Other Sundays, when there isn’t something going on outside of the house for me to do, I spend the day indoors relaxing, catching up with long-distance friends, and trying to make myself a healthier, better me.

Sometimes I get really overwhelmed and anxious. I remember having a full on breakdown before my trip to Ghana, Africa and my mom saying I did not have to get on that plane but I knew that if I let this fear and stress win I would miss out on a really cool opportunity (one that actually ended up being the best experience of my life thus-far). Life feels like a rollercoaster with serious ups and downs often because of this so I like to take one day of the week to reset and breathe; to prepare for my week by feeling steady and leveled.


These are some tips as to how I catch up on Sundays and bring myself back to a healthier mindset:


Routines really help me throughout the week. Sundays are a great day to lay out the week and add things to my iCal. If I can see the week planned out ahead, it makes going into it a lot less overwhelming. I lay out everything, from big meetings and appointments to simple things, such as which plants should be watered this upcoming Friday (cactuses are less frequent,meanwhile my fiddle leaf gets a cup every week). Sunday is the day I can sit and have as much coffee and take as much time as I want to for this organization so this day is really the best for this.


I run around all week for work, which doesn’t give me the time to freak out – I have to keep moving or I will lose my job (or often it feels like my mind). Sometimes though, once the workweek has ended and I’m not longer go-go-go, the stress of the week really sets in and I get horrible headaches or feel really down. On these days I make a real cup of coffee (not a quick pour from my Nespresso machine) from a real pot that I can pour into my mug as the day goes on), light some candles (vanilla mixes really calm me, I think because my mom always wears vanilla lotions), put on some Fixer Upper reruns and either work on blog posts, read or pickup my apartment. The sweet, familiar scents and non-stressful show make me feel more emotionally steady for the day and able to complete more tasks (however, it is important that I do not feel like I have to accomplish anything on these days so I do not let myself get upset even if I just spend the day in bed if that is what I need). Sundays are an important day to relax and not stress about how much I can get done.


Over the week, running in and out of my apartment leads to sweatshirts and towels strewn across the couch or water glasses left out in places. Going into the week with a picked-up home makes me feel a lot better. On Sundays, I take the time to span picking up throughout the day. Usually, I have on Fixer Upper (as this inspires me to have a beautiful home) and get up on commercial breaks to pick up a few items at a time. If I can have a cleaned up home by Sunday night, Monday morning I will wake up in a much better mood and feel more prepared for an organized week. Sometimes, I even move my plants around or reorganize how my coffee table is laid out just to have a fresh, new style for the week. One of my favorite blogs for interior decor tips and ideas is Defined Designs Blog, and many hours of my Sundays are spent perusing this blog. Emma, the designer, has the best organization tips and I absolutely love the ways she comes up with styling decor. Between Fixer Upper and Defined Designs, I am inspired to make my house feel like a cozy and clean home before another hectic week begins.


Sunday’s are also a great time to cleanse. Throughout the week I end up with a bunch of extra receipts and papers that get all over the counter and in my purses. Emptying out this trash can really make me feel a lot lighter. I take the time to clean out the fridge and organize it to know what groceries I have and need to get later in the week. If I have candles that are on their last legs, I finish burning those before starting new ones, to just clear out some more in my home.


I take the end of the day to close out my weekend on the best note. I hop in a bubble bath with some Epsom salts, candles burning and Netflix on. I read a few chapters of a book (currently Jodi Picoult’s Small Great Things which I am borrowing from a friend) and go to bed early.

This book is incredible! I highly recommend.



I hope by sharing my tips on how to make the most of Sundays can help you too. I’m no professional, by any means, but have really found these ways to help myself feel better.

What are your favorite ways to decompress on Sundays?


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