Flea Market Finds – Treasure Chest

I love going to flea markets! They are full of hidden treasures just waiting to find a home. Recently, I went to the Long Beach Antique Market, one of my absolute favorite fleas, and stumbled across this beauty. I came back three times to look at her and just knew I would be sad to leave without her, especially when the lady selling her offered her to me for $150 when she was originally going for $200 because I kept coming back (and I think she knew I would appreciate the chest more than the other couple looking at it for a resell). Apparently she was originally picked up by this seller’s friend at an estate sale in Pasadena and is a Roos Chest, likely from around the 1920’s. She’s so cool looking and different from any other chest I’ve ever seen. Living in a studio apartment, the more storage the better, so the shelving inside is perfect too.21558826_10155570470935132_8518944034233264134_n

I stopped by the hardware store on the way home to purchase a dolly (because she is HEAVY and I knew I wouldn’t have help getting her inside) and to ask if I should be putting wax or something on her and they gave me this Beeswax and Orange Oil Wood Conditioner to put on. For starters, this not only smells DELICIOUS between the sweet honey and the zesty citrus (and holds the smell for weeks – so yummy), but it brought this baby back to LIFE!



Look at how rich the colors came out. I am amazed! I thought she was pretty before but with a few dollars spent and a little time taken to love her, she really is gorgeous now. This chest is the center of my apartment now, as my coffee table in front of my tv, and she is holding a bunch of blankets and crafts inside. I am so glad I stumbled upon this treasure at the flea and SO grateful she came home. I will cherish this chest for years to come.

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