Looking for Fall in Los Angeles

Growing up on the East Coast, fall was always the best part of the year. The leaves all change color, the air is crisp but not too cold. Chicken pot pie and warm soups are for dinner. Apple cider donuts are available. Pumpkin filled farmstands line the backroads and the scarecrows come out in full force.

It’s October in LA. It is still in the 80’s, I’m still in flip-flops, and I look outside and see Palm Trees and Birds of Paradise.

Living in New Hampshire I didn’t have to look for fall, it was constantly surrounding me. Living in Los Angeles, however, I have to put in a serious effort to participate in fall activities. This year I’m making a list of things I come across this season that make it feel like fall in LA.

  • Stopped by the International Garden Center in El Segundo to pick up a pot for a growing cactus I have and came across these orange beauties. I was excited to almost “bump” into fall here when I wasn’t expecting it:
Pumpkins at the garden center!
  • Trader Joe’s is always festive with each season and of course they celebrate fall well! I love shopping at Trader Joe’s and this is the start of their fun holiday foods and products. This year I’ve really loved their new Vanilla Pumpkin Scented Candle.
    FullSizeRender 26.jpg
    Trader Joe’s Seasonal Candle is so cute!

    I know what you’re thinking, a candle from Trader Joe’s? But it smells amazing and it comes in the cutest little tin. I have been loving this this season and will definitely be stocking up! There is also currently a Pumpkin Body Butter on their shelves. I love the coconut one of these that they have and have now purchased the pumpkin too. It has the same great, whipped, thick texture but I don’t quite know how I feel about smelling like a pumpkin all day long. FullSizeRender 25.jpg Of course, Trader Joe’s never lets you down with their cute entry way either, getting you excited to go in and see all of their fun seasonal treats! Our local store is lined with colorful gourds and pumpkins. It’s so inviting!

    Walking into the local Trader Joe’s
  • Went with some friends (and Kailey’s new puppy, Baloo) to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in Culver City – and let me tell you, picking pumpkins in Los Angeles is WAY different than how I grew up picking pumpkins but we still had fun! I’m used to having to cozy up and really enjoying that sweater weather when picking out pumpkins in fields, but this day was 95 degrees in Culver City so sweaters were definitely not an option. It was BUSY and HOT but it was FUN! When we went it was $15 to get in (the price depends on the day – during the week it is often free!) and parking was $10, although I’m sure there must have been street parking somewhere too. Once we paid the $15 they gave us back 10 pumpkin dollars that we could use towards purchasing pumpkins. This gets a little confusing, as the pumpkins aren’t labeled with prices and you don’t know the price until you get to the register after waiting in a long line (so at this point I was compelled to pay another $10 to purchase the pumpkin I had picked). Thinking back, I should have just gone to the dollar gourds section, as I already have pumpkins in my apartment from Trader Joes this year, but I still got to leave with a big cutie who has found his home on my coffee table. Would I say this was the most memorable and seasonal pumpkin patch I’ve ever been to? No way – there wasn’t even apple cider. But did I have a good time and get to try something new? Yep! In my opinion, that makes it worth it right there. Here are some pictures from the adventure at Mr. Bones:

IMG_3902 2.JPG

Baby Baloo! Isn’t he a dream?!


Enter a caption


  • I love a good flea market and the Long Beach Antique Market is where I spend many Sundays. I usually get up around 5:30 AM to head to the Long Beach Flea and treat myself to a coffee on the way in so today I made sure it was Pumpkin Spice to stick with my theme. I had seen someone got giant, light-up pumpkins at the last flea when I was scrolling through the Long Beach Antique location on Instagram and was so jealous! Luckily, I found one this past Sunday (for only $25) and this baby is now lighting up my balcony. I just think he’s so goofy and cute! Long Beach Flea is already getting super ready for Christmas – which I will post about later – update* see here – but is exciting!

    I was hoping to find one of these and I did!

I’m still on the “Fall in Los Angeles” hunt but so far I’ve really enjoyed this season here this year. Writing everything down is helping me to realize how much I have actually come across this season and has been a great way to feel like I’m not missing out on quite as much. I hope you’re having a great fall too and making the most of it wherever you live and if you have any tips on how else to make it feel like fall let me know 🙂 !

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