Tips for those post travel blues

Coming home from a fun, new adventure can be a bit of a bummer. Sure it’s great to see everyone you’ve missed and be back in your own bed but the everyday life suddenly makes you miss the new adventures you were having on your trip (especially if you’re coming home from the wonderful sunshine to lots and lots of snow). Here are some tips on how to keep the excitement of the trip alive and things to do to cheer you up a bit:

  • Create a scrapbook of pictures and momentos collected on your trip
  • Make a memory box, like these, that look pretty on the shelf and can store those extra items that aren’t going to otherwise be displayed, such as plane tickets or receipts
  • Grab your dog, snuggle up in your bed and pop in a travel movie or read a travel book. I love reading more about the cultures I have just been to and as soon as I got home from Cambodia, where I first really learned about the genocide that recently occurred in that country, immersed myself into books about the history there
  • Count the countries you’ve been to and list the things you loved the most while there so you can recommend them to friends
  • Unpack slowly – stop with each piece of clothing and take a minute with it, remembering something fun you did on your travels while wearing that piece, or recognizing that smell, or thinking about how that stain right there came from you spilling your beer on yourself while you were dancing around the bar with your new friends from that hostel you stayed in and how much fun that night was.
  • Start planning! Make a list of where-in-the-world you might want to go next! Keep up that adventure spirit! As they say, an object in motion stays in motion, so keep on chasing those dreams.



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